Vorträge / Presentations


Invited Presentations


2019 „…pintados por sí mismos“ - Processes of Social Reconfiguration in National Sketch Collections in Latin America during the Period of Independence (1830-1860) – Latin American Transitions: Processes of reconfiguration, Leipzig (October 18)


2019 Die artículos de costumbres als ethnografisch-soziologisches Wissensformat in transatlantischer Perspektive zur Zeit der Staatsbildung (1830-1860) – Strategien der Repräsentation – Welt. Wissen. Gestalten - 42. Kongress der dgv, Hamburg (October 8)


2019 „Gesellschaftsskizzen“ als transatlantisches Wissensformat um die Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts – IBG-Forum Wissenschafts- und Buchgeschichte, Leipzig (October 2)


2018 Der Erste Weltkrieg und seine Auswirkungen auf das städtische Leben und den Pistolerismo in Barcelona (1918-1923) – Stadt-Krieg-Literatur. Stadt und Urbanität unter den Bedingungen des Krieges, 1914-1945, Zürich (November 24)


2018 1918 and its impact on Regional Violence in Catalonia – The Local and the Regional Dimensions of 1918/19. A Comparison, Prag (October 6)


2018 The formation of ethnographic knowledge in Spain and its (post-) colonies within the ‘Cuadros de Costumbres’ during the 19th century – 15th Biennial Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm (August 16)


2018 Cooperation or Confrontation? The interaction between the police forces and the vigilate group ‘Somatent’ during the time of Pistolerismo (1918-1923) in Barcelona – Popular Policing in Europe (18th - 20th centuries), Louvain-la-Neuve (May 31)


2016 Crime and Deviance in Barcelona’s China Town before the Civil War – International Postgraduate Port and Maritime History Conference 2016, Glasgow (April 14)


2014 Al Capone goes Catalonia? „Internationalization“ of Crime in Barcelona during the Second Republic (1931-1936) – 4th Congress of the European Network in Universal and Global History, Paris (September 4)


2014 The First World War and its impact on the Pistolerismo in Barcelona – One Hundred Years After 1914, Sarajevo (June 19)


2014 “Ara o Mai” The First World War and its Impact on Catalonia – Small Nations and Colonial Peripheries in World War I: Europe and the Wider World, Galway (June 14)


2013 Nur ein Tropfen auf den heißen Stein? Armenfürsorge in Barcelona während der Zwischenkriegszeit – „For you always have the poor with you“ – From Charity to the Social Politics in Cities within the 18th - 20th Century, Prag (October 8)


2013 „Blood in the Docklands“: Crime and Disorder in Barcelona’s port area during the Restoration Monarchy – Port Towns and Urban Cultures Conference, Portsmouth (July 25)

2013 Students in Barcelona and Collective Violence before the Civil War – Student Revolt, City and Society, Helsinki (June 20)


2013 Mujeres de mala vida”?, Gender in the Criminal and Violent Networks in Barcelona during the Interwar Period – Gender in the European Town Network, Odense (May 23)


2013 Women activists in the time of Pistolerismo (1918-1923) – Women's Movements and Female Activists in the Aftermath of the First World War, 1918-1923, Budapest (May 17)


2013 Labour Leaders, Gun Men, Bomb Droppers – Revolution in its Every­day Setting during the Years of the Pistolerismo in Barcelona – In Search of Revolution, 1916 – 1923: Germany and its European Context, Köln (March 23)


2012 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Nationalism, Central State and Xeno­phobia in Contemporary Catalonia – Conference: “Worlds colide – connections/divisions /dialogues between cultures”, Poznań (December 7)


2012 Communities of violence in Barcelona during the Second Republic (1931-1936) – 11th International Conference on Urban History, Prag (August 30)


2012 The Port as a Source of Violence? Criminal Networks of Foreigners in Barcelona in the First Half of the 20th Century – Conference: Port City Lives, Liverpool (June 29)


2012 Secularization by pistols and flames? Anticlerical violence in Barcelona in the interwar years (1918-1936) – CIHEC Conference Religion and Resistance in Europe from Middle Ages to 21st century, Tartu (June 12)


2012 Robin Hood goes Metropolis? Communities of Violence in Barcelona during the Interwar-period and their Use of Violence – Conference “Violent Culture - Cultural Violence”, Cambridge (June 9)


2011 Wie Al Capone nach Katalonien kam – Fremde Gewaltgemeinschaften in Barcelona während der Zwischen­kriegszeit – Weimarer Rendez-vouz mit der Geschichte: Gewaltmenschen – Menschengewalt, Weimar (Noveber 5)


2011 Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist Communities of Violence in 1920s Barcelona – Conference: “Terrorism and international politics: past, present, and future”. Genf (September 29)

2011 Urban Violence in Barcelona in the Interwar Years – Workshop: Practices and Communities of Violence from 16th to the 20th century, Florenz (May 30)


2010 Urban Violence in Barcelona in the Interwar Years – Conference: “Violence and societies in East Central Europe, 17th to 20th century”, Vilnius (Oktober 14)



Organization of conferences and workshops


2019 Dissecting Society III: Sketches of manners, genre paintings, social novels. Nineteenth-century popular genres as ethnographic formats, München (June 28) (together with Christiane Schwab, Adriana Markantonatos, Alexandra Rabensteiner and Anna Kuprian)


2012 Workshop „Urban Violence and Community in the Interwar Period: Barcelona, Berlin and Vienna”, München (May 15) (together with Sharon Bäcker-Wilke and Friedrich Lenger)


2010 Workshop: „Gewaltgemeinschaften in der Europäischen Zwischenkriegszeit“, Gießen (January 26) (together with Sharon Bäcker-Wilke, Vytautas Petronis, Friedrich Lenger and Peter Haslinger)




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